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This page contains information, photos and links about the Nullabor Plain. It is here to assist the traveller contemplating a visit to the area.


What's on this Page:



The great treeless plain (Nullabor - Latin for no tree) of south-east Western Australia and south-west South Australia covers an area of some 250 thousand square kilometers. It contains the world's largest piece of limestone (the whole of it!). It is traversed by the Eyre Highway, linking eastern and western Australia. It was sealed in 1976. The Great Victoria Desert bounds the north of the plain and the Southern Ocean the south.

The Aboriginal name for the area is 'Oondiri.' The plain was called the Nullabor Plain in 1866 by the explorer Edmund Delisser.

The Nullabor experience begins at Ceduna (or east of Norseman in the other direction), with a quarantine checkpoint. Eastbound travellers must pass through a quarantine station at Ceduna, with westbound travellers passing through one at Border Village on the Western Australia-South Australia border. Be sure to eat your fruit and vegetables (and honey if travelling west) before reaching these.



The Nullabor is not just some boring place to be endured, for there are a number of sites to visit along the way. The Plain itself can be a place of great interest. The wildflowers are out in early Spring.

There are plenty of places to stay along the way, from very rough and ready style motel rooms and rest area camps, to more modern motel facilities.

When travelling in the area keep in mind the following attractions:

  • Fowlers Bay lies on a gravel road off the Eyre Highway. It is the site of Edward John Eyre's three month camp before heading further west.
  • Dingo Fence. The dingo fence stretches some 5614km from the southern coast to Jimbour in Queensland. This is about 7km east of Yalata Roadhouse.
  • Head of the Great Australian Bight: Between June and October be sure to turn left before the Nullabor Roadhouse to visit the Head of the Great Australian Bight. This is an area known for its great whale watching opportunities and is part of the Great Australian Bight Marine Park. You can't miss the sign. It's about 12km of the main highway on a sealed road. There is a boardwalk and viewing platform. A permit is required to visit the Head of the Great Australian Bight as it is on Aboriginal land. These can be had from the Yalata Roadhouse, Ceduna or the Ranger Station on the way south.
  • Nullabor: There are a number of caves around Nullabor. These include the Murrawijinie Caves, about 15km north of Nullabor Roadhouse.
  • Between Nullabor and the border there are some six lookouts along the southern coast. The views from the Bunda Cliffs are spectacular, providing an amazing experience on the edge of the continent.
  • Border Village: Quarantine Station - beware! Watches should be turned back 45 minutes here.
  • Eucla: On the Hampton Escarpment and the Eucla Pass is the small town of Eucla. Just south of here are the ruins of the Eucla Telegraph Station that was opened in 1877, along with some amazing sand dunes within the Eucla National park. There are quite a number of Emus to be seen here. The remains of the old Telegraph Station jetty can also be found on the beach.
  • Madura Pass: The escarpment lookout. Opposite the roadhouse is an old track to the lookout. There is also a blowhole (a red marker on the side of the track). Madura lies halfway between Adelaide and Perth.
  • Cocklebiddy and Caiguna: Various 'sink-hole' caves are to be found. These are difficult to locate and dangerous to enter. The turn off to Cocklebiddy Cave is 10km west of Cocklebiddy, from behind the truck stop. The track then goes for another 10km. The Caiguna Blowhole is 5km west of Caiguna and is just off the highway. Watches need to be turned back a further 45 minutes here.
  • Eyre Bird Observatory: This is 50km south of Cocklebiddy. 4WD access only for the last 12.5km. It is in the Nuytsland Nature Reserve. With bookings there is available some limited accommodation (Phone 08 9039 3450).
  • Australia's longest straight stretch of road: This is found between Caiguna and Balladonia and stretches for 146.6km.
  • Balladonia: There is a museum located here, with replicas of the Skylab satellite. Skylab fell to earth just 40km east of Balladonia.
  • Newman Rocks: These are 50km west of Balladonia and 1km off the road. It is a large red outcrop.
  • Norseman: Beacon Hill Lookout.



 For photos of the Nullabor Plain Area visit Australia Trip 2 - Gallery






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UPDATED: 10 May 2014

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