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In November 2001 I went on my second major trip outside of New South Wales, travelling in New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia. This page is a record of that trip, including my brief travel journal, photos and screensavers made from the photos.


What's on this Page:


MY HOLIDAY JOURNAL - Australia Trip Two:

This Journey was not as well planned as the previous Australia trip, though some planning had been done obviously. This journal is a record of my Australia Two trip in November 2001.


Day One: October 28
Newcastle to Dubbo (433km)

I left home at 1.30 pm after church. I had a half hour break at Merriwa at 3.30 pm, arriving in Dubbo just after 6.00 pm. Here I stayed in a small cabin at Dubbo City Caravan Park ($42.00). I decided to take it easy for the night.


Day Two: October 29
Dubbo to Broken Hill (750km - Trip Total: 1183km)

I left Dubbo at about 7.45 am. The trip eventually taking about b hours, with about an hour of breaks included. There was nothing of particular note during the trip. I did see at least a hundred wild Emus and a number of lizards, including Bearded Dragons.

From around Wilcannia to Broken Hill the land looks extremely dry. This really is pushing into the arid zone I think.

Tonight I have stayed at the Lake View Caravan Park in a small cabin ($49.00). I have enjoyed being able to rest here since my arrival.


Day three: October 30
Broken Hill to Wudinna (734km - Trip Total: 1917km)

I left Broken Hill at about 6.30 am and arrived at Wudinna at about 3.30 pm. The trip took longer than yesterday because of longer breaks, etc.

From the NSW border to Yunta, the temperature turned very cold.

I was struck by the arid nature of the geography and flora of the region. Again there were many Emus and Wedgetail Eagles. Some Kangaroos were also seen.

In South Australia the landscape changed to a much more 'farm-like' look, as experienced in coastal NSW. The journey from Port Augusta to Wudinna was a little disappointing. However, the visit to Mt Wudinna and Polda Rock was a significant boost. In this area, Shingleback Lizards abound.

The room I had at Wudinna was disappointing ($63.00). I think I prefer the cabins to motel rooms.


Day Four: October 31
Wudinna to Eucla (730km - Trip Total: 2647km)

I began travelling at around 6.00 am, making my first stop at Pildippa Rock. This is a miniature version of W.A.'s 'Wave Rock.' It was worth a visit.

From Pildippa I continued on my journey to Ceduna and across the Nullarbor Plain. The plain did little to excite me today, being neither great nor completely boring. The great straight appears to me to be very much over-rated as far as continually straight is concerned (more tomorrow).

The Banda Cliffs however were another story. The southern coastland is amazing. I've never seen a 'bluer' ocean. This really is a wild place, a wild frontier in many respects.

Finally I reached Eucla, just before 2 pm local time. The whole shifting sands and buried town stories, are again over-rated. The dunes here a truly spectacular, but not as spectacular as I've been led to believe in the past. The area they cover is fairly limited. Seeing the Emus among the dunes was unexpected and made quite a sight.

There is only a small portion of the Old Telegraph Station now showing (there is only one building to see). The remains of the old jetty can still be seen on the beach also.

Eucla itself is a place that I would prefer not to live. I suppose the people here quite like it, but not I. I suggest people take the more expensive rooms at the motel complex rather than the budget, for these budget ones will definitely disappoint.


Day Five: November 1
Eucla to Norseman (717km - Trip Total: 3364km)

After the thunderstorms throughout the night I decided on an early night, awakening to another storm at about 4 am. With light at 5 am I decided on an early departure, reaching Norseman just after 12 pm.

My journey included finally crossing the Nullarbor Plain with its long straight section. There was nothing particularly striking about the plain, though at one point I did pass through a locust plague.

The Norseman Gateway Caravan Park was what you would expect here, set in its arid location. However I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the cabins. This was very much welcome after the budget room of last night. It's by far the best cabin I've ever been in.


Day Six: November 1
Norseman to Dalwallinu (764km - Trip Total: 4128km)

I decided to get another early start this morning, leaving at 5.10 am. I arrived in Dally at around 12.30 pm. Nothing really exciting happened on the journey, with limited changes to the scenery. There were a few salt lakes and pans, and also a few wildflowers.

Upon arrival at Dally I went to the caravan park and the van I was given was a dump. So I got my money back and booked in at the 'Old Convent' bread and breakfast. This was a much better choice.

I got to see the Wallis', which was great. I caught up with everyone a little, but the whole thing was quite overwhelming really - so many family and friends of the Wallis', so I thought it best to get on out of there while I could.


Day Nine : November 4
Dalwallinu (701km - Trip Total: 4829km)

Today I travelled to Perth and drove around the city for a while. While in Perth I visited King's Park, which was quite impressive I thought. Here I got some good photos of the city CBD area.

From the park I followed one of the roads through the northern suburbs and then onto the coastal regions north of Perth. One particular town here really caught my attention. The town of Guilderton is set in a most beautiful location, with the Moore River and the  Indian Ocean at its door step.


Day Ten: November 5
Dalwallinu (837km - Trip Total: 5666km)

Today I travelled to Geraldton and then down the coast through such places as Greenpoint, Jurien Bay and Cervantes. W A has a wonderful coastline, which also appears to be something of a wild coast as far as conditions go. I really enjoyed the drive down the coast.


Day Eleven: November 6
Dalwallinu (100km - Trip Total: 5766km)

Last day in Dally so I decided to do a little shopping down at the 'Dilly Dally' where the excellent sales girl tried to sell me all she could. It's a shame she won't be in Dally now for anyone else to meet - there was something about that girl, very nice and all. I also did a little relaxing before the big days ahead.

I also went to Petruder Rocks (which apparently sounds nothing like the way it's spelled - they all speak a form of Kiwi over here after all), not very exciting.


Day Twelve: November 7
Dalwallinu to Esperance (847km - Trip Total: 6613km)

I decided to travel further than the planned Ravensthorpe and thought I would try for Esperance. On the journey I visited Heyden and Wave Rock. It is an amazing formation, but not greatly outstanding.

Esperance however is outstanding. This is truly a spectacular place. I think I could really spend weeks here taking it all in - a rare place of beauty.


Day Thirteen: November 8
Esperance to Norseman (388km - Trip Total: 7001km)

I got up early this morning and did the round trip of the Esperance beaches and lookouts. From Esperance I then travelled to the Cape Le Grande National Park. Here I visited Rossitor Bay, Lucky Bay, Thistle Cove and Frenchman's Peak, etc. This whole area is truly a beautiful place, as my photos will hopefully show.

I then travelled to Norseman and stayed at the great little cabin I was in before. An early rise tomorrow.


Day Fourteen: November 9
Norseman to Nullarbor (929km - Trip Total: 7930km)

I left Norseman at about 4.00 am and sought to make good ground in order to be ahead of schedule. The journey gave me opportunity to attempt to find Cocklebiddy Cave, which in hindsight I discovered I fell 3km short of. Next time I'll find it hopefully, now I know which track to follow. While trying to find the cave I saw many Kangaroos, which proved that there is plenty of wildlife on the Nullarbor away from the road. I also saw more Emus with their young today.


Day Fifthteen: November 10
Nullarbor to Cowell

Up early and doing a lot of driving. There were some good scenes at the Cumming's Lookout. I stayed at the Jade Motel in Cowell.


NOTE: My journal cuts short here because the next morning I struck a Kangaroo causing serious damage to my car. This happened just before Whyalla. I was then stuck in Whyalla while the car was repaired.

On Novemeber 14 I decided to make a crazy dash for home, which I did. I drove for almost 17 hours, with very few stops in between - never again thank you.



Australia Trip 2 - Gallery



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Australia Trip Two v2005.1:

This screensaver contains photos taken during my Australia Trip Two.

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