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In October 2002 I went on my third major trip outside of New South Wales, travelling in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory. This page is a record of that trip, including my brief travel journal, photos and screensavers made from the photos.


What's on this Page:


MY HOLIDAY JOURNAL: Australia Trip Three:

This Journey was not as well planned as the previous Australia trips, though some planning had been done obviously. This journal is a record of my Australia Three trip in October 2002.


SUNDAY: October 13, 2002

 I left Newcastle at around 2pm, arriving in Dubbo at about 6.30pm. I stayed at the Dubbo City Caravan Park in a cabin. The country on the way up is quite drought affected, but some areas are obviously still being irrigated and are therefore green.

Even though I am now enjoying another brief holiday, I cannot but feel a mixture of outrage and sorrow over today's terrorist attack on Australians in Kuta, Bali. Surely now is the time to hunt the terrorists down and end it. We must not allow such crimes to go unanswered. We must rise to this challenge and answer it comprehensively.


MONDAY: October 14, 2002

I left Dubbo at about 7.00am, travelling through Parkes, Forbes, West Wyalong, Hay, Balranald and Euston. There were many Emus after Hay. It was very dry, though the main rivers still have a lot of water in them. I also drove into Robinvale in Victoria, across the Murray River.

I stayed at the Euston Country Club Motor Inn. This is a very good place to stay and I highly recommend it.


TUESDAY: October 15, 2002

From Euston I travelled to Mildura and then out to the Mungo National Park. The road (did I say road) is 110km to the national park, with 88km being very rough gravel and sand. On the way out I managed to do an alternator belt, completely shredding it. This left me with an extremely difficult car to steer on the road. In fact, I also managed to go down a deep pot hole also, causing further damage to the car (CV joint and shaft damage).

When I got to the national park it was clear that it would be unwise to continue on around the park exploring with a badly disabled car. Who knows where I would completely break down out in this barren wilderness?

I did get to visit the 'Walls of China,' but this was only a very limited exploration of the area. The area is definitely worthwhile investigating and visiting. But for me, another 110km back out to the park and another 110km into town would be too much twice in the same day.

I got the alternator belt repaired in Mildura, but had to endure the CV. I stayed for the night in the Wentworth Caravan Park.

Mungo National Park


WEDNESDAY: October 16, 2002

I left Wentworth at about 7.15 am for the return trip to Mildura. I then travelled to Victoria on the Sturt Highway (quarantine inspection), to Renmark, Berri, Barmera, Wikerie, Blanchetown, Swan Reach, Purnong, Mannum, Murray Bridge, Tailem Bend, Meningie, down The Corong and Kingston SE in South Australia.

I stayed in the Kingston Caravan Park.


THURSDAY: October 17, 2002

From Kingston I travelled to Cape Jaffa, Robe, Beachport, Millicent and Mt Gambier. In Mt Gambier I was unsuccessful in getting my car's CV troubles repaired. I did get to see The Blue Lake, which was certainly worthwhile visiting.

South Australia Misc.


I then travelled back to Victoria and Nelson, Gorae West, Cashmore, Tarragal, Cape Bridgewater, Portland, Cape Nelson, Tyrendarra, Port Fairy, Warrnambool, Peterborough, Lavers Hill and Apollo Bay (where I stayed for the night).

Great Ocean Road: Gallery


Of course part of the day involved travelling the Great Ocean Road and exploring the many spectacular coastal vistas along the way. What a truly wild coastline is found along the Great Ocean Road. This is a must to visit. Words cannot describe the beauty of the 12 Apostles on sunset.

During the evening I travelled to Apollo Bay, travelling through some fantastic forested areas (The Otways I believe). Apollo Bay is an amazing place to visit - truly a beautiful place.


FRIDAY: October 18, 2002

I left Apollo Bay early (wanting to visit again), winding my way through some fairly heavily forested country and mountains, to Forest, Colac, Cressy, Rolawood, Ballarat, Daylesford, Castlemaine, Bendigo, Elmore, across the Australian High country to Cooma, Canberra, Goulburn, Sydney and Newcastle.

This was a lot of driving for one day and I wouldn't recommend it. I really enjoyed travelling through the mountains in the Snowy Mountains toward Cooma. This is beautiful country full of Australian history. I must come back to this place and explore further.



To view photos in the screensavers simply click on the file. To install the screensaver right click on the file and install. It may be necessary to located the folder on your computer where screensavers are kept and save a copy of the file to it.


Australia Trip Three v2005.1:

This screensaver contains photos taken during my Australia Trip Three.

Download the file at:




ABOVE: Scene from Mungo
National Park


UPDATED: 10 May 2014

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