Issue 2: AUGUST 2003 


Welcome to the second issue of 'Kevin's Walk on the Wild Side,' the e-magazine of 'Kevin's Wilderness Journeys' website and 'Kevin's Wilderness Walkers Mailgroup.' In this issue you can experience something of my latest trip to Mount Royal National Park, which occurred only this weekend. You also get to experience one of my past journeys. Anyhow, enjoy this latest issue.





This trip was essentially unplanned, with the decision to go on a trip decided on Thursday and then the destination arrived at in my mind on the Friday that I actually left. So after finishing work at 1.30 pm, I rushed home and got ready. I was off by 3.30 pm to Mount Royal National Park, about 2 hours drive away.

For all the information on Mount Royal National Park and this actual trip, visit the webpage at:




My first and only trip so far to Western Australia's Cape Le Grande National Park was in November 2001, as part of my Australia Trip 2 ( of that year. Words cannot describe the spectacular scenery of this park and the entire surrounding Esperence area.

If you are anywhere near Esperence you just have to visit Cape Le Grande National Park. The beaches of the park are like none you have ever seen before.


ABOVE: Rossitor Bay - Cape Le Grande National Park


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Associated with 'Kevin's Wilderness Journeys' web site is the 'Kevin's Wilderness Walkers Mail Group.' The mail group currently only has a few members and very little in the way of activity. One of the members (other than myself) has posted some photos in the photo album of her visits to the Colo and Wollemi wilderness area west of Sydney. Hopefully as more people join the group there will be an increase in activity.

Why join the mail group? A good question. The group gives an opportunity for those who love wilderness and the bush, especially in Australia, to share their experiences and perhaps pass on information about destinations, tack conditions, etc, to other group members. By doing so, there is an opportunity to assist others who are planning trips to the same area, etc. When you think about it the opportunities for the sharing of information are limitless.

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Another feature of the 'Kevin's Wilderness Journeys' web site is the discussion board. As of yet there have been no comments or thoughts left in the forum. There are two comments/questions posted by me on the boards, but no responses have yet been received. This is another feature of the site that has the potential to be a real help to those travelling around Australia.

To visit the discussion board and perhaps leave a thought or two for further discussion among visitors to the forum, visit the forum:


The Nitmiluk national Park is located not far from the Northern Territory town of Katherine. I visited the park in 1998, as part of my Australia 1 Trip. The park offers a range of walks, from short walks to lookouts and pools, to much longer walks of up to 5 days duration. There are also a number of river cruises available, as well as canoe hires.


ABOVE: A View of Smitt Rock - Katherine River, Nitmiluk National Park


For all the information on Nitmiluk National Park, visit the webpage at:

You can also visit My Australia Trip 1 webpage at:


I have created a number of screensavers of various trips I have taken. These can be downloaded for free from the web site. There are screensavers of the Australia 1 Trip, the Barrington Tops, Dangar Falls, Dorrigo National Park and the Great Ocean Road. Visit the screensavers page at:


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