Issue 4: OCTOBER 2003


Welcome to the fourth issue of 'Kevin's Walk on the Wildside.' This ezine is generally about the trips that I have made around about Australia, especially to wilderness areas. However, I want to invite you to share with the rest of us some of your adventures while travelling. Perhaps your adventure wasn't in Australia, maybe it was in America - who knows? Wherever it was, if you would like to have your account in this ezine then email me a copy of it for consideration.

My latest trip (another weekend one) is included in this month's issue, as well as plans regarding my next major trip - a back-packing trek through the Barrington Tops, taking in Carey's Peak, Mount Barrington and Mount Polblue, before finishing at the Gloucester Falls. Read all about it below.







This trip was another of my very quick weekend visits. I left on the Friday afternoon and headed for the Chichester State Forest, via Paterson and Gresford, along the Allyn River Road. My first night's destination was the Pademelon Park Camping Area, just inside the park on Mount Allyn Forest Road.

The following day I visited all the sites along the Allyn River Forest and Mount Allyn Forest Roads, including Ladies Well, The Rapids Picnic Area, Allyn River Rainforest Trail, Mount Allyn and Burrage Swamp (in the Barrington Tops National Park). For all the news and photos, visit:


Formerly hosted at, Kevin's Wilderness Blog and Diary is now hosted at the same location as my wilderness journeys website. The reason for this was I was concerned that eventually the diary site may close down or crash for whatever reason and all the content there would be lost. So now it is hosted here as well, which means I have a back-up of all the content and should never loose it (also prevents adds being put up in the form of pop-ups, should the previous host ever decide to do so). The old diary no longer exists by the way.

So all the content from the previous site is available here, not that there is a lot currently. However, I do plan to add more to it over time, including all the news for my next back-packing trek over the Barrington Tops (except the date that I actually go - that will go up after I do so). Visit the Blog and Diary at:


Associated with 'Kevin's Wilderness Journeys' web site is the 'Kevin's Wilderness Walkers Mail Group.' The mail group currently only has a few members and very little in the way of activity. One of the members (other than myself) has posted some photos in the photo album of her visits to the Colo and Wollemi wilderness area west of Sydney. Hopefully as more people join the group there will be an increase in activity.

Why join the mail group? A good question. The group gives an opportunity for those who love wilderness and the bush, especially in Australia, to share their experiences and perhaps pass on information about destinations, tack conditions, etc, to other group members. By doing so, there is an opportunity to assist others who are planning trips to the same area, etc. When you think about it the opportunities for the sharing of information are limitless.

Visit the group at:


Planning has now begun for another Barrington Tops Trek for later on this year. At this stage the trek is one that I'll be doing by myself. I hope to be doing about a week's walking, with perhaps a further week of walking a few days later (From Barrington Tops to Foster).

At this stage planning is only in the very early stages, with a rough itinerary jotted down on some scrap paper. Basically my thoughts so far are as follows:

Perhaps you have some thoughts that you would like to share on this trip - drop me a line.


Another feature of the 'Kevin's Wilderness Journeys' web site is the discussion board. As of yet there have been no comments or thoughts left in the forum. There are two comments/questions posted by me on the boards, but no responses have yet been received. This is another feature of the site that has the potential to be a real help to those travelling around Australia.

To visit the discussion board and perhaps leave a thought or two for further discussion among visitors to the forum, visit the forum:


Following work on Friday, September 12, I travelled to Barrington Tops. As I reached the mountains it began to rain, as well as blowing a gale. It wasn't looking good for my planned itinerary this weekend. As I travelled further into the mountains the weather conditions continued to deteriorate and I decided I wasn't going to go to Polblue Camping Area tonight but to Devil's Hole Camping Area which wasn't that far away.

Having arrived at Devil's Hole I decided to sleep in the car as it would be impossible to erect a dry tent and the wind would make it virtually impossible to erect anyhow. So I slept in the car, from about 6pm onwards. The rain stopped at about 3am, and the sky began to clear so I was now hopeful of being able to complete my planned itinerary.

Rising early (about 5.30am) I headed for Polblue Picnic Area and the start of my first walk. This was the walk I had planned in my itinerary for Polblue Base Camp 2003.

The walk began in reverse order from that in the planned itinerary, walking from Polblue to Paddys Ridge Trail. Paddys Ridge Trail was an easy stroll through what could be termed alpine woodland. I reached the Butchers Swamp Trail junction and quickly realised that the map I had was wrong. The map locates the road to Green Gap just past this junction, but that isn't the case. The actual road to Green Gap lies before the junction, being some 300m before it and heading off to the right (the left when returning from the junction). So I went back to the road which I had thought was a little strange since it wasn't on the map.

Following the Green Gap Road I reached the ford across Paddys Creek, which had quite a lot of water in it, no doubt courtesy of the previous night's rain. I crossed the creek and approached the small pine plot at Green Gap. The climb to the plot is a very short, yet steep climb from the creek.

I walked around the pine plot taking the left track and then reached the trail to Paddys Brush Flora Reserve, which I then followed to the left. It was now 7.30 am. Travelling along this trail I discovered what I believed to be Wombat burrows. Eventually the track reached a T-intersection (not on my map), where I terminated the walk. Here I turned back and returned to Green Gap.

Upon reaching the Green Gap track junction I took the trail to the left, leading alongside the pine plot. This trail I then followed to where it joins with the Barrington Trail and back to the Barrington Tops Forest Road. From the road junction it's a 15 minute walk back to Polble Picnic Area. The walk was completed at 9.20am.

Along the walk I saw wallabies, kangaroos, a feral cat, brumbies and evidence of wombats.

Having returned to Polblue I then had a BBQ brunch break. I then decided to do the other walk on my itinerary since it was still early in the day. I travelled for the Horse Swamp area only to find the road closed due to a bridge failure, so I decided to then do a walk from my Horse Swamp Base Camp 2003 itinerary.

The walk began at the Gologolies Camping Area, some 500m down Boundary Road (off Barrington Tops Forest Road near the Dingo Gate). I began the walk at 11.00am, proceeding along Boundary Road. The road follows the State Forest boundary, giving views over Moonon Outlook to the west and north of the state forest. This walk is again an easy stroll following the road until it joins Dundundra Road. The walk is basically a circuit, joining up with the Barrington Tops Forest Road and then down Boundary Road to the camping area. It is only a 70 minute walk.

Following the walk I headed off for Gloucester and the return trip home.

Devil's Hole Base Camp - September 2003 Gallery


I have created a number of screensavers of various trips I have taken. These can be downloaded for free from the web site. There are screensavers of the Australia 1 Trip, the Barrington Tops, Dangar Falls, Dorrigo National Park and the Great Ocean Road. Visit the screensavers page at:


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