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ALLYN RIVER - 29 & 30 AUGUST 2003


This trip was decided on only in the day or two previous to the actual trip. The idea was to visit some of the country that I had not visited in over 15 years around the upper Allyn area.

I left home a little after 3.30pm and arrived at my campsite (the Pademelon Park Camping Area) a little after 5.30pm. I first collected some firewood around the various fireplaces and got a cooking fire going, before setting up camp and the tent (which I have down to a quick 5 minutes or thereabouts).

As the night progressed I was able to enjoy a great BBQ tea, sharing it with a friendly local possum (see the photos). Following tea I was in bed by 8.30pm and enjoyed a good night's sleep.

The next morning I was up early (courtesy of the early night) and with no frost or moisture on the tent was able to be under way fairly quickly. My first stop was just up the road at The Gunyah, the small cabin that is available for bookings.

After the Gunyah I visited Ladies Well and the Rapids, as well as the various camping grounds and picnic sites along the road. I also stopped in at the Peach Tree Park just off the Allyn River Forest Road, along Lagoon Pinch Forest Road and completed the Allyn River Rainforest Trail.

I then made my way around to Mount Allyn itself and to Burraga Swamp in the Barrington Tops National Park, completing the small walk to view the swamp area and Beech Forest.

My short trip was then completed and I returned home via Gresford.

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