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Coolah Tops National Park is located some 30km east of Coolah in the Liverpool Ranges. It preserves an area of about 13 300 hectares of rugged wilderness and waterfalls, at the edge of the Warrumbungle Range. The area has areas of Snow Gum, Tea-tree Swamp and other woodland types.

The park was once the home of the Kamilaroi Aboriginal people and there are some remains of their occupation still to be found within the park.

The park houses a number of animals including Greater Gliders, Grey Kangaroos, Red-necked Wallabies, Wombats and Echidnas. Birds include the Wedge-tailed Eagle and Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos.

The park is located about 30km east of Coolah and is reached via The Forest Road. The Forest Road runs through the park providing access to all the main sites. The road should not be used during wet weather.



Barracks Camping Area:

The Barracks Camping Area is the main camping site in the park. It has an information board, shelter, toilets, tables and BBQs. It is located off The Forest Road, via Pinnacle Road.


Coxs Creek Camping Area:

Coxs Creek Camping Area is located not far from a small waterfall on the nearby creek. There are tables, BBQs and toilets. This camping area is reached off The Forest Road, via Pinnacle Road. From Pinnacle Road there is a short 4WD track.


Pines Camping Area:

This is a large camping area suitable for groups, with toilets and BBQs provided. It is accessed of The Forest Road via Hildegard Road.



Norfolk Falls Picnic Area:

This small picnic area is found near the Norfolk Island Creek and Norfolk Falls. The walk to the waterfall on Norfolk Island Creek is short but steep. It is reached off the Forest Road by taking the first road to the right inside the national park.


Bundella Lookout:

The Bundella Lookout provides views over the surrounding mountain ranges. BBQs, shelter and a toilet are provided. The lookout is reached off The Forest Road, via Pinnacle Road.


Pinnacle Lookout:

The Pinnacle Lookout is accessed from the Bundella Lookout car park, reached via Pinnacle Road. The walk leads to the lookout which provides views of the Warrumbungle Range.


Basalt Caves:

The Basalt Caves are accessed via the Pinnacle Lookout. The track leads around the escarpment towards Rocky Creek. There are several caves, with one particularly large cave. This is a difficult walk.


Breeza Lookout:

Breeza Lookout has a small picnic area with an information bay. There is also a short but difficult walk to Shepherds Peak. Breeza Lookout is located on The Forest Road. The largest Snow Gum is found prior to reaching the lookout.


Rocky Creek Picnic Area:

This picnic area gives access to a large waterfall that is located on Rocky Creek. The site has shelters, toilets, tables and BBQs. Rocky Creek is accessed off The Forest Road, via Pinnacle Road.


Bald Hill Creek Waterfall:

Bald Hill Creek Waterfall is reached via The Forest Road, onto Hildegard Road and then onto Bald Hills Road. There is a picnic area at this location as well.


Talbragar River Waterfall:

The Talbragar River Falls are located off The Forest Road, via the 4WD Talbragar Road.






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