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Saturday 25/12/1999:

The road up to the Barrington Tops was in good condition really, the peaks covered in clouds and mist. Two Brush Turkeys were seen alongside the road on the way up.

I arrived at the Devil's Hole Camping Area at approx. 3.00 pm. Here I set up my tent, with the rain beginning at 4.00 pm. The camp site is not far from the head waters of the Dilgry River.

I managed to get a bit of a look at the creek behind the campsite. There was plenty of running water there, but no flood threat yet (here anyway).

I ventured out again because it had stopped raining and found a marsh area. There are quite a few Wallabies about the place, some small wildflowers, rainforest along the stream and now there is this 'white out' beginning to happen, as the clouds envelope the whole area.


Sunday 26/12/1999:

It was a fine morning. I had a BBQ breakfast. Wallabies are around the campsite again.

I departed Devil's Hole at about 8.45pm for a bush walk. I was heading into the mountains beyond the stream behind the tent. I then turned right at Thunderbolt's Trail off the Tugalow at about 8.55 am. The quarry I passed at about 9.40 am could be used as a camp site. I then turned left at Boggy Swamp Trail (Pleasant Creek Road) at 9.52 am. I spotted a Lyrebird at about 10.10am.

From the 4WD trail I turned right into Manning River Camp Area, arriving at about 10.35am. Here I had a 10 minute break before heading back to Boggy Swamp Trail (Pleasant Creek Road). I turned right for the Manning River Picnic Area and Henry's Bridge, arriving at 10.53 am. I had a short break for lunch here and left at 11.15 am.

At Pleasant Creek I found a set of small falls in the gully, just out of North Branch Road. next was a right on to Tubrabucca Road (12.00 pm), then left on to Bullock Brush Road (12.30 pm) and into the Gummi Falls Camp Area (1.10 pm). Here I had a 10 minute break.

Back on the Tugalow Trail I saw 2 Yellow-Bellied Black Snakes. I then turned right at Thunderbolt's Trail at about 1.55 pm, arriving back at camp at 2.05 pm. This circuit walk took about five hours to complete.


Monday 27/12/1999:

At 7.40 am I travelled to the Cobark Lookout Rest Area and did a couple of short walks. I camped the night at the Banksia Picnic Area on the Dilgry River.



Gallery 10: Devil's Hole Short Break 1999








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