Dharug National Park



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Dharug National Park preserves an area of about 14 000 hectares of pristine sandstone wilderness, protecting many of the streams that flow into the Hawkesbury River.



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Camping fees apply in Dharug National Park. They are $5.00 per adult per night and $3.00 per child per night (2004).


Ten Mile Hollow:


Mill Creek Camping Area:

There are 8 car camp sites provided at Mill Creek. That means there are 8 sites where you can park your car near your tent. However, there are another 12 sites with parking nearby, as well as another 10 pack camping sites. Basic facilities are provided including an information shelter, toilets, water, gas BBQs and bins.

It is important to book camp sites, especially during holidays and weekends. These can be done at the Gosford office. Bookings can be made up to 3 months in advance, with the full fee payable at the time of booking. The maximum stay is 2 weeks. Refunds will only be given when cancelled 10 or more days prior to the day of booking or in the advent of a park closure.

It is possible to see Wombats, Wallaroos, Goannas, Lyrebirds and Sugar Gliders all within easy distance of the camping ground.

Note, the camping area will be closed during periods of fire or flooding.



The Great North Road:

The Great North Road was the original overland route between Sydney and Newcastle. The 264km road was built by convicts between 1826 and 1836. However it was quickly abandoned with the advent of steamships. Some 500-700 convicts were involved in the construction effort, with many of these being in irons.

The original Great North Road ran from Windsor Road to Wisemans Ferry, and then onto Wollombi and beyond. The route was planned with the assistance of the local Aboriginal people.

Today it is possible to view old convict built roadway, including the associated buttresses, culverts, bridges and retaining walls. Some 16km of the road is to be found within Dharug National Park. A further section is bordered by Yengo National Park.

It is possible to walk a 43km section of The Great North Road from Wisemans Ferry to Mount Manning. The walk features a variety of convict constructions including Clare's Bridge (c1830 - one of the oldest bridges in Australia) and Circuit Flat Bridge (c1831). Camping sites are provided at Ten Mile Hollow and Mogo Creek. You will need to take all the water you require. The walk will take 2-3 days to complete (one way).

More information at:


The Great North Road - Devines Hill:

The walk up Devines Hill begins just past the ferry crossing at Wisemans Ferry toward St Albans. There is a small parking area for those who are visiting the convict built road.

The climb up Devines Hill is approximately 2km (4km return - 2 hours). The walk is along the convict built road itself and slowly makes it's way up the hill. Along the way there are various markers explaining the significance of the various features of the road to be seen on the way up.

The walk can be continued along The North Road, however it should be understood that the road continues on for many kilometres into the Dharug-Yengo wilderness.

An alternative route is the Finches Line (c1825-1828), which was the original route up Devine Hill. This route was abandoned very quickly after it's completion for the Devine Hill route already described. When combined with Divines Hill, the circuit walk totals about 9km, including 2km along Wisemans Ferry Road.


ABOVE: Divine Hill Track Head


ABOVE: Sanstone Culvert Opening


ABOVE: Interior of Culvert


ABOVE: Sanstone Retaining Wall


ABOVE: Flannel Flower


ABOVE: The Great North Road Showing
Hand Excavated Wall.


ABOVE: Culvert


ABOVE: Convict Graffiti

ABOVE: Sandstone Buttress


ABOVE: Convict Graffiti


ABOVE: Sandstone Quarry


ABOVE: Curving Sandstone Wall


ABOVE: Hangman's Rock


ABOVE: Stairs to Hangman's Rock



ABOVE: Possible Stockade Site


ABOVE: Culvert Design


ABOVE: The Great North Road
Continues On


ABOVE: Wildflowers


ABOVE: Evidence of Convict Labour

ABOVE: Culvert Opening in Wall




Grass Tree Circuit:

The Grass Tree Circuit is a 1.6km walk.





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