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The Dorrigo National Park is a registered World Heritage area about 60km west of Coffs Harbour and 2km from Dorrigo itself. You get to the park via the Dome Road, just out of Dorrigo. The park protects some 11 730 hectares of the Dorrigo escarpment and plateau.

Over 120 species of bird frequent the national park including Brush Turkeys and Lyrebirds. There are also plenty of Pademelons, Possums and Gliders. The Land Mullet, which is a large skink, can also be found at Dorrigo.

The Never Never Picnic Area is located some 10km along the Dome Road. A number of walking tracks begin here. Provided at Never Never Picnic Area are barbecues, tables, toilets and water.

Please note that there is no camping allowed in Dorrigo National Park.

On the Waterfall Way next to Dorrigo National Park are two waterfalls. These can be viewed along the road.



Dorrigo National Park has a visitor centre known as the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre. It is open each day from 9am to 5pm. There is a display, cafe and National Parks shop. Above the rainforest is the Skywalk Boardwalk.

Not far from the Rainforest Centre is 'The Glade.' The Glade is a picnic area, with BBQ facilities and toilets provided. Wheelchair access is provided for also.



Lyrebird Link Track and Wonga Walk:

The 400m Lyrebird Link Track connects the visitors centre with the 5.8km Wonga Walk circuit. This walk is really a must for visitors of the area, featuring some of the best rainforest in New South Wales. Also seen on the walk are the beautiful Crystal Shower Falls and Tristania Falls.


Walk With the Birds Boardwalk and Satinbird Stroll:

The Satinbird Stroll (600m circuit) and associated Walk With the Birds Boardwalk (200m return) provide an easy way to investigate the Dorrigo rainforest. Here there are viewing platforms with interpretative signs. The walks begin at The Glade Picnic Area.


Rosewood Creek Track:

The Rosewood Creek Track is a 5.5km circuit that begins at the Never Never Picnic Area and follows Rosewood Creek, with views of Coachwood Falls. The walk is a fairly easy one, though long. A track leads off the main trail to Cedar Falls, which are well worth a visit. However, the walk to Cedar Falls adds at least another hour to the walk, with the climb up from Cedar Falls being hard.


Casuarina Falls Track:

The Casuarina Falls Track is a 5km return walk that starts at the Never Never Picnic Area and goes along Sasafras Creek to the top of Casuarina Falls. It follows part of the Blackbutt Track.


Blackbutt Track:

The Blackbutt Track is a 6.5km walk from a car park just outside the national park. Both Casuarina and Callicoma Falls can be seen on this walk. To return via the same way is another 6.5km walk, or by Dome Road is a 5km walk.



Dorrigo National Park October 2002: Gallery 1 - Dorrigo National Park
Dorrigo National Park October 2002: Gallery 2 - Coachwood and Cedar Falls 



Another place to visit close to Dorrigo National Park is Dangar Falls. The falls are located on Bielsdown Creek, just out of Dorrigo. Picnic and Toilet facilities are provided at the falls picnic area.



Dangar Falls October 2002: Gallery 1 - Dangar Falls



Dorrigo is a delightful little town 2km from the national park. There is an information centre, as well as some accommodation options to consider. There are two hotel-motels (Commercial and Dorrigo) and a cabin/caravan park (Dorrigo Mountain Resort).




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