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This page is a record of my visits to the Gloucester area other than the Barrington Tops area. Also on this page will be track notes and photos of bush walks and sites of the Gloucester area in order to assist those thinking of visiting the area.





The town of Gloucester is situated on the Gloucester River, 270km north of Sydney and 120km north of Newcastle along the Bucketts Way. The town is the gateway to Barrington Tops National Park. To the west of Gloucester are the picturesque Bucketts range and to the east the Mograni Range. The name 'Bucketts (Buckan Buckut)' is derived from the Kattang language spoken by the original Biripi and Worimi Aboriginals and it is believed to mean 'father of stones looking down on to sacred land.'

The Barrington Tops and Gloucester region was home to the Biripi and Worimi Aboriginal people prior to European settlement, with Gloucester itself being the site of much Aboriginal ritual and occupation. It is known that the site of the Gloucester Public School was home to two bora rings (one for males and one for females), which were used as late as the 1860s. The Aboriginal people used the area of the Bucketts for rites to do with male initiation.

The A. A. Company (Australian Agricultural Company) were among the first Europeans to arrive in the Gloucester area under the leadership of Robert Dawson in around 1826. From 1847 the company began selling land lots in the Gloucester area and farming settlement began to occur. The town of Gloucester had its beginnings in 1855.



The Bucketts Scenic Walk begins about 1km west of Gloucester just off the Bucketts Road.

The walk tales about 1.5 hours to complete, giving good views of the Gloucester township and surrounding area. The ascent is hard, but well worth the effort. Ferns and Orchids can be seen during the climb, as well as Wedgetailed Eagles. It is possible to continue the walk beyond the end of the official walk, however, extreme care should be taken as there are some steep drops and loose material underfoot.

Wildlife in the area includes the Wallaroo, Red-necked Wallaby, Burtons Lizard and Peregrine Falcons

A good 30km drive can be had by continuing along the Bucketts Road. Continue along the road and then turn right onto Faulkland Road, just after crossing the Gloucester River. The Gloucester River is crossed a further two times before Faulkland House is reached. Here turn right and cross the river once more, before turning right onto the road leading back to Barrington and Gloucester.



The Mograni Lookout is found just out of Gloucester (5km) on the Bucketts Way towards Taree. The lookout gives good views of the Gloucester area and has BBQ and picnic facilities - no toilets.



The Kia-ora Lookout is found just out of town (7km) via Barrington Road and Bowman Farm Road. The lookout is then a left off Bowman Farm Road and is a steep ascent to the lookout. The lookout gives good views of the Gloucester area. BBQ and picnic facilities are provided - no toilets. Water is also available.



Rocky Crossing is a picnic area on the Barrington River. Access is via the Bucketts Way, Faukland Road and Barrington West Road. It is about 18km from Gloucester. BBQ, picnic and toilet facilities are provided. A smaller BBQ and picnic area is provided at the Gloucester River crossing prior to Rocky Crossing.



Copeland Common is a camping area near the small town of Copeland. There are BBQ, picnic and toilet facilities provided. Water is also available.



The Mountain Maid Gold Mine is found at Copeland, 16km west of Gloucester on the Scone Road. To get to the mine turn left onto a gravel road just through Copeland. Tours are available of the mine. The area includes a BBQ and picnic area.



Gloryvale is located about 24km from Gloucester and is accessed via Barrington. After leaving Barrington turn onto the Nowendoc Road and proceed to Rookhurst. Gloryvale Reserve is located just after the bridge crossing the Little Manning River. Camping and picnic areas are located on the banks of the Little Manning River, with BBQ and Toilet facilities provided.



The Bretti Reserve is found 33km from Gloucester off the Nowendoc Road (which is right off Barrington Road). Bretti provides both a camping and picnic area alongside the Barnard River. There are BBQ and toilet facilities provided.



While in Gloucester you may be interested in visiting some of the other attractions in and about Gloucester such as:


MISCELLANEOUS PHOTOS: The link below is just a small selection of various shots of the Gloucester area. Photos include the Bucketts and Oaky Creek.

Gallery 1: Gloucester Area






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