Kattang Nature Reserve



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Kattang Nature Reserve is about 58 hectares in size and is located at Camden Head, some 3km east of Laurieton. The reserve is reached via the Camden Head Road to Dunbogan from Laurieton. Bergalia Car Park and access to the two walks is via Bergalia Crescent, off Camden Head Road. Charles Hamey Lookout is reached via Hamey's Road, also of Camden Head Road.

'Kattang' is derived from the word used to describe the Aboriginal language spoken in the area, which stretched frpm Port Macquarie in the north to the Hawkesbury region in the south.

The reserve protects areas of coastal cliffs near Perpendicular Point. Perpendicular Point was named by Captain James Cook in 1770 and Camden Haven by the explorer John Oxley who travelled through the region.

The reserve protects significant stands of native flora, including areas of rainforest and coastal tea tree. The Ring-tailed Possum and Short-nosed Bandicoot are known to be protected in the reserve, as well as 100 species of birds, including the White-breasted Sea Eagle.

Whale watching is a highlight of the area during June and July, with wildflowers at their peak in August and September.



Flower Bowl Circuit:

This loop walk passes through the centre of the reserve and during the months of August and September the trail is popular for the many wildflowers that are in bloom. The walk begins at either Bergalia Crescent (Dunbogan) or the Charles Hamey Lookout car park on Camden Head.

The walk is an easy to moderate 2 hour stroll. Along this walk is the Charles Hamey Lookout with views of DunBogan Beach to Diamond Head in Crowdy Bay National Park.


Perpendicular Point Walk:

This walk heads off from the Flower Bowl Circuit, to the east of the Bergalia Crescent access point and then winds out to the point. It is an easy 2.5 hour walk. Along this walk is the Logan's Lookout, which provides views of North Haven to Port Macquarie, as well as the rocky coastline.





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