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Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve is an area of about 9 000 hectares containing coastal vistas, beaches and areas of historical significance to both Aboriginal and European people. The name of the reserve captures part of the European history of the area, that of burning oyster shells in order to make lime for building.

Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve is found between Port Macquarie and Crescent Head. Access to the reserve is via the pacific Highway and Maria River Road (unsealed).



Below is a Google Map showing Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve.

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Barries Bay:

Barries Bay is named after a family that lived in the area. It is also the site of a former whaling station.


Point Plomer:

Point Plomer is an important Aboriginal site within the reserve. This area contains burial sites, middens, campsites, stone tool working site, quarry and axe grinding grooves.

There are further Aboriginal occupation relics at Big Hill.


Big Hill Track:

The Big Hill Track is 2km long, with a moderate grade. It is a loop walk that traverses the top of the headland. The walk provides coastal views and rainforest experiences.


Fisherman's Track:

The Fisherman's Track is an easy 1km walk that begins at Barries Bay Camping Area and reaches the end of Point Plomer. This walk offers great coastal views.



Picnic facilities are available at Big Hill, Point Plomer and Queen's Head.


Melaleuca Camping Area:

There is a basic camping area located near Big Hill and Barries Bay called Melaleuca Camping Area.





The videos below are from YouTube:

ABOVE: Access road to Point Plomer
after rain.


ABOVE: Point Plomer


ABOVE: Footage from Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve


ABOVE: Goanna at Point Plomer













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