Nightcap National Park



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Nightcap National Park protects about 8 140 hectares of rainforest and World Heritage Area: Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves (Australia) since 1989.



Camping can be done at the Whian Whian State Forest alongside Nightcap National Park.

Camping for one night only may be carried out at the Terania Creek Picnic Area.

Fuel stoves must be used in Nightcap National Park.



Terania Creek Picnic Area:

Terania Creek Picnic Area was the scene of major protests in 1979 to stop logging in the Terania Creek area. Terania Creek is accessed via The Channon and Terania Creek Road. There are BBQs, toilets, tables and shelters.

There is a 1.4km return track (about 40 minutes) to Protesters Falls from the Terania Creek Picnic Area. This is a walk that is a must when visiting the area. The walk leads through the Palm Forest and continues on to Protesters Falls.

This area should be treated with care as it is the habitat of the endangered Fleay's Barred Frog.


ABOVE: Terania Creek


ABOVE: Protesters Falls


ABOVE: Protesters Fall


ABOVE: Protesters Fall


ABOVE: Protesters Fall


ABOVE: Protesters Fall


ABOVE: Protesters Fall


ABOVE: Protesters Fall



ABOVE: Terania Creek
Picnic Area


ABOVE: View from Pholis Gap





Mt Nardi Picnic Area:

The Mt Nardi Picnic Area has electric BBQs, toilets, picnic tables and shelters. It is accessed from Nimbin via Newton Drive.

The Mt Matheson Loop is a 3km walk through the rainforest on Mt Matheson. It takes about 1 hour to walk.

The Pholis Gap walk is a 4km return walk leading off from the Mt Matheson Loop and takes about 1-1 1/2 hours to complete. It is a moderately difficult walk, with steep sections. Good views can be had from the lookout area.

The Tuntable Falls Track is an easy to moderate track leading off from the Mt Matheson Loop to the top of Tuntable Falls. It is a 10km return walk.


Historic Nightcap Track:

The Historic Nightcap Track is a 16km one way walk which is a 1.5 day walk which is a moderate to hard walk, beginning at either Mt Nardi or Rummery Park. Bush camping is allowed along the track, but fuel stoves must be used.


Rocky Creek Dam Walk:

The Rocky Creek Dam Walk is a 4km return walk taking about 1 1/2 hours and is described as moderately difficult. It begins from the Rocky Creek Dam Picnic Area, on the Rocky Creek Dam Road.


Big Scrub Loop:

The Big Scrub Loop is a 1.5km moderately difficult walk which takes about 40 minutes to complete. It starts from the Gibbergunyah Range Road.





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