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This page is a record of my visits to the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park and will also include some track notes of walks in the area. I hope this page will help you to plan your own journey to this spectacular National Park in New South Wales, Australia.





The Oxley Wild Rivers National Park takes in 110 000 hectares of wild country in Northern New South Wales. This incredible wilderness area contains many waterfalls and gorge areas within the Apsley and MacLeay River areas. MAP.

The park contains a rich variety of animals and birds, including kangaroos, wallabies, possums, koalas, wombats, dingos, platypuses, bats, cockatoos, parrots and honeyeaters.

For further pictures of Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, there are some photos of various parts of the park in Australia 1 Trip and the NSW Expedition.



Apsley Falls on the Apsley River is located within Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, some 15km east of Walcha (just off the Oxley Highway - about 500m) and 530km north of Sydney. Access is via either the New England Highway and Oxley Highway or via the Pacific Highway and Oxley Highway from Wauchope.

There is both a picnic area and a camping area at Apsley Falls. The picnic area has flush toilets, picnic tables, fireplaces with wood provided and rubbish bins. The camp area has pit toilets, taps and fireplaces with wood provided. There are no entry or camp fees at this time.


Gorge Rim Walk:

This 800m walk takes you along the top of the gorge with excellent views from Falls Lookout and Lions Lookout of the Apsley River and gorge area. This is an easy walk.


Oxley Walk:

This 2km walk crosses the Apsley River via a metal footbridge and then follows the gorge rim to a number of viewing platforms, giving excellent views of both sets of falls and of the Apsley River gorge area. This is an easy walk.



Tia Falls is accessed via the Oxley Highway, 43km east of Walcha. Here a gorge rim walk takes you along the gorge, providing excellent views of the river and falls. Camping is allowed here.



Budds Mare, some 44km east of Walcha, is accessed via the Moona Plains Road. Here there is camping and picnic areas, water available, lookouts and walking tracks to the Apsley River. The Budds Mare area is set in dry woodland, with very limited water supplies. The Paradise Rocks viewing platform is some 150m from the rest area.

The Riverside Rest Area can be reached from Budds Mare via a 4WD trail. Camping is permitted at the rest area, with facilities including toilets and a gas BBQ. Bookings are required with Armidale National Parks and Wildlife Service. The walk in track from Budds Mare is an 8km return trail (6 hours), with very steep sections on the return leg.

Also from Budds Mare is the Rowleys Creek Circuit Walk (29km), which is an overnight walk. The circuit goes to the Riverside Rest Area, then along the Apsley River downstream for 11km until Rowleys Creek is reached. At Rowleys Creek there is a steep climb up a track following the ridge (Use Rowleys Creek and Kunderang 1:25 000 Maps).

If not doing the larger walks I wouldn't even bother making the trip to Budds Mare.



Wollomombi Falls is one of Australia's highest waterfalls (240m). There are two viewing platforms along the gorge top with views of Wollomombi and Chandler Falls, with another walk to the bottom of the gorge (a hard walk out). The River Walk takes about 5 hours to complete.

The falls are located 40km from Armidale along the Grafton Road. Facilities include a picnic area with water and a camp area at Green Gully Rest Area on the Edgar's Lookout Road.



Gara Gorge is accessed via Castledoyle Road, some 16km from Armidale. It is a day use area only, with various gorge rim walks. The Threllfell Walk is a 5.5km circuit walk, taking in the site of Australia's first Hydro-electric scheme.



About 20km east of Armidale is the Bakers Creek turn off. This road leads to Bakers Creek Falls, a truly beautiful waterfall. A picnic area is provided here.

Before returning to the Waterfall Way, turn left off Bakers Creek Road to Metz. The Metz gorge is another place to visit not far from Bakers Creek Falls. Another picnic area is provided here.



Dangarsleigh Falls (120m) is accessed via the Dangarsleigh Road, 22 km south-east of Armidale. There are walking tracks, lookouts and a camping area with water.

At Dangarsleigh there is the Falls Walk (0.3km), the Falls Lookdown Walk (0.7km), the Rock Wallaby Lookout Walk (1.1km), McDirty's Lookout Walk (3.4km), Sarum Hill Lookout Walk (5.4km), Mihi Lookout Walk (4.3km) and Salisbury Waters Walk (7km).



Long Point Gorge is accessed via Hillgrove, 50km from Armidale. There are good views and gorge rim walks, camping and picnic areas with water.



East Kunderang is some 112km east of Armidale. The last section of the road to this area is 4WD only. The historic homestead here is available for overnight accommodation for up to 10 people. Bookings are taken at the Armidale NPWS.



For some reason I didn't keep records of my trip to the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park in October 2002. Not sure why I didn't. Anhow, photos from this trip which was greatly affected by the severe drought can be found by following the links.

Oxley Wild Rivers N.P. October 2002: Gallery 1 - Tia and Apsley Falls
Oxley Wild Rivers N.P. October 2002: Gallery  2 - Dangarsleigh Falls and Gara Gorge
Oxley Wild Rivers N.P. October 2002: Gallery  3 - Bakers Creek and Wollomombi Falls



More Information:

PO Box  402
Armidale NSW 2350

Contact NPWS Armidale on (02) 6773 7211
Contact Armidale Visitors Centre on (1800) 627 736
Contact Walcha Visitors Centre on (02) 6777 1075 





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