Richmond Range National Park



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Richmond Range National Park includes areas that make up part of the World Heritage Area: Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves (Australia). The park protects some 15 4000 hectares including rare and threatened animal, bird and plant species, and is home to a large and diverse range of species. There are large areas of old growth forests in the park.

The park is accessed via Casino off the Bruxner Highway and Cambridge Plateau Forest Drive. Roads in the park are dry weather roads only. A drive through the park can be had by taking the Cambridge Plateau Drive and linking it with either Peacock Creek Road or Sextonville Road.



Peacock Creek Camping Area:

Peacock Creek Camping Area is found in the Richmond Range State Forest and provides a good base for further exploration of the area. It has toilets, tables, etc.


Cambridge Plateau Rest Area:

Cambridge Plateau Rest Area is 12km into the park along the Cambridge Plateau Forest Drive. There are tables, BBQs, toilets, water and a lookout.



The Loop Track:

The Loop Track is an easy 500m (10 minutes) walk through the surrounding rainforest. If done at night possums, gliders and owls may be seen.


Culmaran Valley Track:

The Culmaran Valley Track is a 2.5km moderately difficult track taking between 40 and 60 minutes to complete. The track descends to Culmaran Creek and back up the mountain again to Cambridge Plateau Drive.


ABOVE: Peacock Creek
Camping Area



ABOVE: Cambridge Plateau
Rest Area





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