Wallingat National Park



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Wallingat National Park is located 35km south-west of Foster in the Great Lakes region of NSW. The park is accessed via The Lakes Way and Sugar Creek Road. Roads within the park are narrow and suitable for 2WD vehicles in dry weather only.

The park protects about 6560 hectares of forested and swamp areas close to Wallis Lake and the Wallingat River. The park is home to Kangaroos, Wallabies, Possums, Gliders, Forest Bats and frogs. There are some 200 bird species within the park.

The Wallingat Forest Drive is a 25km circuit through the national park and can be reached from The Lakes Way or Coomba Road (off The Lakes Way). All the major sites within the park can be reached via the forest drive.



Wallingat River Camping Area:

The camping area is located on the Wallingat River. You will need to bring your own firewood and drinking water.



Gur-um-bee Picnic Area:

The best place to begin in Wallingat National Park is the Gur-um-bee Picnic Area. Here there is a picnic shelter and information about the park.


Sugar Creek Picnic Area:

This picnic area is the ideal location for a picnic lunch before a walk through the Cabbage Palms and Flooded Gums.


Whoota Whoota Lookout:

Whoota Whoota Lookout is reached via Sugar Creek Road (Wallingat Forest Drive) and Whoota Whoota Road. The lookout provides great views over Wallis Lake and the surrounding wilderness.





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