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Wang Wauk State Forest is located to the north of Bulahdelah.



The following is a Google Map of the Wang Wauk State Forest area.

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Wang Wauk Forest Drive:

The Wang Wauk Forest Drive is accessed via the Old Pacific Highway and The Lakes Way 4km north of Bulahdelah. The Wang Wauk Forest Drive is 36km long, with various places to visit along the way, generally associated with the timber industry. As such, it is a step back into history and the old logging sites of the area.

The Forest Drive is best accessed by turning right onto The Lakes Way 4km north of Bulahdelah. Follow The Lakes Way for about 10km before turning left onto Stoney Creek Road. Stoney Creek Road goes for 10km (unsealed) before reaching the Old Pacific Highway and turning right. The Old Pacific Highway is followed for 2km before turning left onto Wang Wauk Forest Way.

What is there to see?

  1. The Grandis, which is the tallest tree in NSW. This tree is actually within Myall Lakes National Park and is found off Stoney Creek Road.
  2. Various plots of regenerating forest along the route.
  3. O'Sullivan's Gap Flora Reserve, which is also part of the Myall Lakes National Park. There is a 30 to 45 minute walk to a series of small waterfalls at O'Sullivan's Gap Flora Reserve. The walk begins at the picnic area, which includes tables and toilets.
  4. Shorty's Camp Picnic Area, which has a short walking trail to several waterholes. There is a picnic area with barbecue facilities.
  5. Remnants of the Tramway Crossing and line can be found on the drive.
  6. At the end of the forest drive the remnants of an old Trestle Bridge can be found.

I have to say that the last time I attempted to access these areas I found the drive to the remnants of the tram line and trestle bridge to be not worth the effort.





The following link is to photos of Wang Wauk State Forest.















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