Wingham Brush Nature Reserve



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Wingham Brush Nature Reserve is found about 12km west of Taree, at Wingham on the Manning River. There are two entrance points for the walks at Wingham Brush Nature Reserve, at Farquhar Street and Isabella Street. It protects 10 hectares of subtropical floodplain rainforest.

There are a number of large fig trees in the reserve, as well as other rainforest species, including the Giant Stinging Tree (Dendrocnide excelsa - which it is best to avoid - stings from the leaves are known to continue to cause pain and irritation for weeks).

There are excellent picnic facilities (BBQs, picnic tables, toilets, etc) along the Manning River, as well as a boat ramp.



Beginning at Farquhar Street, there is a small information bay at the entrace to the walks. The walks are only short and follow a boardwalk through the remnant rainforest of Wingham Brush. There is a small circuit boardwalk of the main boardwalk (Graham Allen Walk) called the 'Flying Fox Circuit.' This small circuit walk leads through an area that has a large population of Grey-Headed Flying Fox Bats (Pteropus poliocephalus). There is also a number of Bush Turkeys clearly evident in the area, including several of their nest mounds.

The main boardwalk leads to either Isabella Street (including a section of elevated boardwalk) and in the other direction the boardwalk continues past the lagoon to the Old Wingham Wharf on the Manning River.

In its hey day, the Old Wingham Wharf was used to move produce both to and from Wingham (including timber), as well as having a thriving passenger service.



ABOVE: Grey-Headed Flying Fox Bats


ABOVE: Grey-Headed Flying Fox Bats


ABOVE: Grey-Headed Flying Fox Bats


ABOVE: Brush Turkey


ABOVE: Edna Horner stands among the
buttress roots of a fig tree


ABOVE: Old Wingham Wharf on the
Manning River


ABOVE: Bracket Fungi

ABOVE: Bracket Fungi








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