Woko National Park



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Woko National Park is found only 30km north-west of Gloucester, protecting about 8 600 hectares of wild forested country, including areas of rainforest. The park is located between the Manning and Barnard Rivers. It was established in 1984.

The Woko region was the home of the Birpai Aboriginal people. Some occupation sites are known within the park.

Access to Woko National Park is located off Thunderbolts Way. After the small township of Rookhurst turn left onto the Curricabark Road. Before reaching the Little Manning River and the first causeway, turn onto the flood detour road (right turn).

Within the national park may be found Brush Turkeys, Superb Lyrebirds, Pademelons, Spotted-tailed Quolls, Platypus and Brush-tailed Wallabies.



The camping ground is found on the Manning River, just inside the park. Facilities include picnic facilities, toilets, gas BBQs and fireplaces. Campers are encouraged to bring fuel stoves or to bring their own wood for the fireplaces. Generators are not to be used.

Please do not use any form of detergents and soaps in the waterways of Woko National Park. Water should be boiled for 3 minutes before drinking.

Camping fees apply in this national park.



Apart from the more formal tracks it is possible to conduct other walks within the national park, though good navigational skills are required. Camping on overnight walks is allowed 300m away from tracks and roads within the park. Fuel stoves only are to be used on such walks.


Brush Turkey Track:

The Brush Turkey Track is an easy 1km walk through the rainforest. You are likely to see Brush Turkeys on the walk.


Cliff Face Track:

The Cliff Face Track is a steep 4km circuit track branching off the Brush Turkey Track and passing through the rainforest.





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