Yengo National Park



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The Yengo National Park protects a massive area of wilderness including areas of rainforest and swamps. It is located between Wisemans Ferry and the Hunter Valley. Combined with the Parr State Conservation Area, Yengo National Park (152 000 hectares) protects a large area of sandstone escarpments and wilderness. When combined with the Parr State Conservation Area, some 178 000 hectares of wilderness is preserved.

Yengo National Park is included in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

A wide variety of vegetation types are to be found in Yengo National Park including rainforest, Eucalypt forest and swamps. The visitor to Yengo may see Wombats, Wallaroos, Koalas, Lyrebirds, Wedge-tailed Eagles, Brush-tailed Wallabies and even a Tiger Quoll.

This park is rarely visited and therefore has few visitor facilities. It is a wise move to tell someone of your travel plans when visiting Yengo National Park.

Yengo National Park can be reached via Wisemans Ferry and St Albans in the south, as well as the Putty Road in the west and George Downes Drive in the east.



Camping fees apply within Yengo National Park. They are $3.00 per adult per night and $2.00 per child per night. They can also be $5.00 per adult per night and $3.00 per child per night, depending on where you stay. These are applicable in 2004.


Mogo Camping Area:

Mogo Camping Area is located at the top of the Old Great North Road. Mogo Camping Area is accessed via Bucketty. It is 2WD accessible. There are pit toilets and tank water provided.


Finchley Camping Area:

The Finchley Camping Area is accessed via the Finchley Track. There are pit toilets and dam water provided.


Heartbreak Hill:

Overnight walkers will find a small campsite at Heartbreak Hill.



Burragurra Aboriginal Site:

The Burragurra Aboriginal Site is accessed via the Mt Simpson Track (4WD), off George Downes Drive. It can also be reached via the Boree Track (4WD). Otherwise it is a lengthy return walk to the site.


Finchley Aboriginal Site and Trig:

The Finchley Aboriginal Site and Finchley Trig are located near the Finchley Camping Area. The views are terrific from Finchley Trig. This area is accessed via Finchley Track near Laguna.







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