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Lake Eyre is one of those places everyone seems to know about Australia. It is part of Australia's famed outback. It's a place that all Aussies seem to want to see at some time. It is Australia's true inland sea.

Lake Eyre North and Lake Eyre South are protected in the Lake Eyre National Park, a park protecting an area of some 13 500 square kilometres. The park includes part of the Tirari Desert. The national park is about 700km north of Adelaide.

Lake Eyre North is 144km long and 77km wide and is connected to Lake Eyre South by the Goyder Channel. Together the two lakes make up an impressive 9 690 square kilometres. The lowest point here is about 15m below sea level.

The national park is accessed via the Stuart Highway and Coober Pedy. This is a 4WD trip only.




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