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The Gammon Ranges National Park is located in the northern part of South Australi'a Flinders Ranges and covers an area of 1 280 square kilometres. The park is about 500km north of Adelaide. It is an area of rugged and arid wilderness in the northern Flinders Ranges, including the Yakaninna, Gammon and Balcanoona Ranges.





Italowie Walk:

The Italowie Walk is a 16km walk that begins at the Italowie Gorge and leads off to Grindell Hut and the Weetootla Walk.


Weetootla Walk:

The Weetootla Walk is a combined walk of some 19km length following the Balcanoona Creek and Weetootla Gorge.



Both Grindell and Nudlamutana Huts are rented out by the South Australia NPWS for short stays.



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