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Innes National Park is located at the bottom of South Australia'a Yorke Peninsula. The park covers some 10 000 hectares.

At the park's entrance at Stenhouse Bay is the ranger's headquarters. This is a well of information for the incoming traveller. The main park road is now a bitumen road and travels through the park with a number of off-shoot tracks to various beaches and sites to visit.

There is a park entrance fee of $6.00 a vehicle (2003).



ABOVE: Introduction to Innes National Park



ABOVE: Some of the wildlife at Innes National Park



Chinaman's Beach:

The road to Chinaman's Beach is the first turn-off after entering the national park at Stenhouse Bay.


Cape Spencer:

There is a lighthouse located at Spencer Bay and this is reached via a 10 minute walk. There a spectacular views from the lighthouse and surrounding areas.


The Gap:

The Gap has a boardwalk allowing safe access to spectacular views of the southern ocean.



Inneston is found on the shores of Inneston Lake. This is an area of ruined stone buildings from when the town was a gypsum mining centre. There are several restored building and others are available for renting during holidays to the area.


Ethel Beach:

At Ethel Beach are the remains of the 'Ethel.' This is one of some 40 ships to have been lost in the area. The remains of the 'Ethel' are few, but the ship's anchor is preserved on a monument above the beach.


Pondalowie Bay:

Pondalowie Bay is the location of the national park's main camping ground.



There are nine camping grounds within Innes National Park. The main camping area is located at the picturesque Pondalowie Bay. Camping fees range from about $18.00 a day per vehicle (2003).

At other camping areas within the park camping fees are about $6.00 a day per vehicle (2003).

Cottages at Inneston can be rented from between $58.00 and $73.00 per night (2003), with a minimum of two nights.

No fires are allowed between November 1 and April 30 each year.



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