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The Little Desert National Park covers an area of 35 300 hectares in far west Victoria. It is an arid area with over 670 species of plants represented. The park is also home to about 220 species of birds. The park includes areas of arid lands and wetlands.

The park offers a wide range of exploring options from a variety of walking trails to a number of 4WD tracks throughout the park.

The park is accessed from off the Western Highway at a number of points.





Camping is allowed in areas on the edge of the park, including Dimboola, Moree and Kiata. Bush camping is allowed in the central and western blocks of the park.




Little Desert Lodge:

The Little Desert Lodge is located near the national park and includes the ecologically important Mallee Fowl Aviary. The Lodge is an important place for the breeding of Mallee Fowl and research into other native species of the Little Desert region.

The Lodge is accessed from the Nhill-Goroke Road south of Nhill. The Lodge has a camping area, as well as rooms in the Lodge itself. A number of tour options are available from the Lodge.



Desert Walk:

The Desert Walk is a 75km four day walk through the Little Desert National Park.


Stringybark Walk:


Wail Trail:







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