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This page contains information, photos and links about Cape Le Grand National Park. It is here to assist the traveller contemplating a visit to the area.


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Cape Le Grand National Park takes in 32 000 hectares of white beaches and bays, rocky headlands and peaks, wildflowers and wilderness 50km from the West Australian town of Esperence. It is truly one of the most beautiful places along Australia's southern coast.

The national park gained its name from an officer aboard one of two French ships that were caught in a storm in the area back on December 9, 1792. The two ships were the L'Esperance and Recherche. The officer's name was Legrand, who had climbed the mast to look for an area in which to safely wait out the storm. The French Admiral (Bruni D'Entrecasteaux) named the nearby cape after him in recognition of what he had done in helping to save the ships.

For Photos of Cape Le Grande National Park see Australia Trip 2 - Gallery.



Rossiter Bay:

Rossiter Bay is named after the captain of a French Whaler, the 'Mississippi,' who saved explorer Edward John Eyre and his companion there from starvation and thirst in 1841. There's actually a memorial cairn to Eyre in the bushes of Rossiter Bay. You can also walk around Mississippi Hill and camp at Rossiter Bay.


Lucky Bay:

Lucky Bay is truly a beautiful place to camp while visiting Cape Le Grand National Park.



ABOVE: Footage of Lucky Bay - Cape Le Grande National Park


Thistle Cove:

The Thistle Cove area is named after Matthew Flinders' ship master, John Thistle. He drowned during exploration of the area in January 1802.

Near Thistle Cove is an area known as Whistling Rock, the name being obvious when there is a wind blowing.


Frenchman's Peak:

The climb to the top of the 262m high Frenchman's Peak is hard, but the views from the top make the climb well worthwhile. This is a simply stunning place. There is also a large cave at the top of the mountain.



ABOVE: Footage from Frenchman's Peak - Cape Le Grande National Park


Le Grande Coastal Trail:

The Le Grande Coastal Trail takes in 15km of some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in Australia.



Camping can be carried out at both Lucky Bay and Le Grande Beach. There are toilets, showers and water, but no power. Entry and camping fees apply.


NOTE: For Photos of Cape Le Grande National Park see Australia Trip 2 - Gallery



Esperance is known as the 'Bay of Isles.' It's named after the French ship, 'L'Esperance,' which was in the area in 1972. This fantastic town is located 630km south-east of Perth on Australia's southern coast.

Probably the best attraction of Esperance is the coastline itself, with a scenic drive around Great Ocean Drive being a must. The beaches, islands and rugged coast are truly spectacular. The Ten Mile Lagoon Wind Farm can also be found of the Great Ocean Drive. A visit to Rotary Lookout also gives good views of the coast and islands. There is also a good walk around Wireless Hill.

A good way to appreciate the beauty of the Bay of Isles is aboard one of the daily cruises with MacKenzies' Island Cruises. Sea Lions and Seals, Cape Barren Geese, Penguins and Whales can be seen. Woody Island has a campsite and a kiosk during the Summer. Access is by a MacKenzies' cruise.

Among the beaches of Esperance a visit to Blue Haven, Salmon and Twilight beaches are a must.

Another attraction is Pink Lake, the colour of which is caused by algae. The Municipal Museum holds pieces of the Skylab satellite that crashed back to earth in south-east West Australia.





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