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Dalwallinu is possibly classed as a major regional centre in Western Australia. To be it's more like a small town or just a bit bigger than a small town. I think without actually knowing people in Dalwallinu it would be difficult to maintain a stay for longer than a couple of days, especially when the wildflower season has passed in early Spring.

There are still a couple of things that may be worth a visit and I have to add the Dilly Dally shop (I'll get into trouble if I don't mention that one - it's like a gift shop).

If you are visiting the locals are known to speak with an accent that resembles 'Kiwi,' and some will also pick you up for the way you pronounce certain of the areas features, such as Petrudor Rocks (again I had to have a shot at a certain local there - heh heh).



When I was in Dalwallinu I found the Old Convent Bed and Breakfast to be just the spot to stay, especially if you can get the self-contained rooms in the back. This to me was a class act after my first attempt at finding a place to stay (the caravan park).

I wasn't impressed with the caravan park, especially the caravans that you can book into. Anyhow, I ended up leaving and getting my money back, but others may be satisfied with what you get at the caravan park. Check it out for yourself (don't pay until you do).

A new motel was being built while I was there also and this may well prove to be the way of accommodation in the future (but if I can get the Old Convent rooms at the back, I'll take them).



There isn't a great lot to see in and around Dalwallinu itself (my opinion as a wilderness walker). But among what passes as attractions here are the following:





Gallery 1: Dallwalinu - Petruder Rocks



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