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This page contains information, photos and links about the Fitgerald River National Park. It is here to assist the traveller contemplating a visit to the area.


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The Fitzgerald River National Park is a World Biosphere Reserve in southern Western Australia. It preserves some 330 000 hectares of wilderness, 520km south east of Perth. The park is a haven for over 1 800 species of wildflowers, with many growing nowhere else. The flowers are best between August and November.

It is located west of Esperance and east of Albany. It is accessed via the South Coast Highway and then onto Quiss Road and Pabelup Drive.

The park is home to over 200 bird species and 22 mammal species, including the Dibbler. The park also has a large population of Tiger Snakes.




One of the major attractions of the national park is the wildlife, especially the whale that can be observed from June through to October. The Southern Right Whales migrate to the Great Australian Bight to give birth to their young. Point Ann is the best location.



West Mount Barren:

The walk to the top of West Mount Barren takes about 2 hours to complete.


East Mount Barren:

The walk to the top of East Mount Barren takes about 3 hours to complete.


Point Ann Walk:

This walk is an easy 1 hour return walk through the coastal environs, with good coastal views.



Park entry fees are $5.00 (2003) and camping fees $10.00 (2003) per site.

Point Ann Camping Area:

This is a 2WD accessible camping area with BBQs, toilets, shelters and tables. The camping area is on the coast and it is possible to see whales from the beach. A viewing platform for whale-watching is provided.





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