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This page contains information, photos and links about Purnululu National Park. It is here to assist the traveller contemplating a visit to the area.


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Purnululu National Park is found in the eastern section of the Kimberley Region in Western Australia's far north-east. It protects an area of some 209 000 hectares. Alongside the park are another 110 000 hectares of conservation reserve.

The park protects over 600 species of plants, 150 species of birds and 130 species of animals. It also protects areas of Aboriginal significance.

Unfortunately the only access to this spectacular national park is by 4WD along a 53km track (Spring Creek Road) of the Great Northern Highway 110km north of Halls Creek and 250km south of Kununurra. However there are tours available to provide access to this park for those without 4WD.

Entrance and camping fees to the park apply.

The park is closed from January 1 to March 31 each year because of the wet season.




ABOVE: Introductions to Purnulula National Park



A less conventional way to see the Purnululu National Park is by air. There are several tour operators providing fights over the area.

At the entrance of the park there is a shop with drinks and various souvenirs available.



ABOVE: Footage from a flight over the Purnulula National Park



Walking in the park is limited to the access trails provided, with climbing onto the rock formations strictly prohibited.


Mini Palms Gorge:

The Mini Palms Gorge Walk is a 2.5km trail which makes it's way into the heart of the Bungle Bungles. The walk ends in a spectacular gorge surrounded by 200m high cliff walls and Victoria River Palms. The palms at the end of the gorge are a miniature version of the taller palms in the area.

There is a viewing platform which also looks down into the gorge.


Frog Hole Gorge:

Frog Hole Gorge is a spot protecting a large population of black frogs and a spectacular waterfall. The walk is a moderate to difficult 1.4km return walk.


Beehive Domes Walk:

This is an easy 1km walk among the rock formations that dominate Purnululu National Park.


Walanginjdji Lookout:

This is an easy 500m return walk to an area overlooking a portion of the Bungle Bungles. It is a great place to visit at sunset.


Echidna Chasm:

The Echidna Chasm walk is an easy 2km return walk.


Cathedral Gorge:

The Cathedral Gorge walk is an easy 3km return walk.



ABOVE: Footage from Cathedral Gorge


Picaninny Gorge Walk:

The Picaninny Gorge Walk is a moderate to difficult two day return walk of 30km. This walk is the ultimate Bungle Bungles experience.



The public camping areas at Purnululu National Park have toilets, fireplaces and water provided. Everything else you will need to bring in yourself.

Camping fees apply to this national park. There is a self-registration station at the park's entrance.


Kurrajong Camping Area:

Kurrajong Camping Area is located in the north-west of the national park.


Walardi Camping Area:

Walardi Camping Area is located in the southern section of the national park.





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