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Wave Rock is situated next to the south-east West Australian town of Hyden, about 340km east of Perth. It is reached by the Brookton Highway. The rock is basically a granite cliff about 15 metres high and 11om long. Erosion has shaped the cliff to look like a great wave.

The best time to visit is probably early Spring when the famous West Australian wildflowers are in all their glory.

An entrance fee applies.



ABOVE: Footage of Wave Rock and Hippo's Yawn



Wave Rock:

Wave Rock is about 4km east of Hyden in a 280 hectare bush reserve. There are a number of short walks associated with Wave Rock.


Hippo's Yawn:




Mulka's Cave:

The cave takes its name from an Aboriginal legend surrounding a young man named Mulka. The legend has him being an illegitimate son, cross-eyed and who would kill and eat children. The cave was his hideout. He eventually killed his mother also and was hunted down, being eventually speared at Dumbleyung.

The cave is accessed via the Woolocutty Soak Road from Hyden, some 20km away.


The Humps and Gnamma Hole:

The Humps is a large granite formation 20km north of Hyden, off Woolocutty Soak Road.

Gnamma Hole is just north of Mulka's Cave, also off Woolocutty Soak Road.


King Rocks:

These are an outcrop of granite rocks that provide good views of the surrounding area. These are situated to the north-east of Hyden. The access road is off the Woolocutty Soak Road.


Graham Rock Nature Reserve:

Graham Rock Nature Reserve is east of Hyden and is accessed via East Hyden Road or Lake King Road.


Lake Counter Nature Reserve:

Lake Counter Nature Reserve is found off the Brookton Highway, via either Mt Walker Road or Worland Hill Road to the west of Hyden.


Wave Rock Wildlife Park:

The wildlife park has a collection of native animals and birds in their natural habitat.



For photos of Wave Rock and surrounds, visit Australia Trip 2 - Gallery





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